Companies involved

JOBS is focused on the reality of the job market. Therefore the involvement of companies is crucial for this project. We believe that young people deserve a chance for a prosperous future. A profound job orientation in school should be of great interest to the government and the economic world. JOBS offers students the opportunity for a short practical training in a company, getting thus a realistic insight of the profession world. The businesses that are involved in JOBS are aware of their training role and receive information before the students’ visits. Thus, the connection between schools and businesses can strengthen and, in long term, the local businesses get to know promising, talented young people and can offer them internship and attractive career prospects.

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Students in Companies

The core element of JOBS project is the students’ exploration visits to the businesses that, usually, are selected independently and contacted directly by the students. Exploring different work places, the students have the chance to discover what profession is really suitable for them.

JOBS Fairs

By the end of the school year, the students organize a JOBS fair to present the information gathered and the experiences accumulated during the exploration visits. They invite their colleagues, teachers, parents but the business representatives as well to visit the exhibition.